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Providing you with all your HVac/plumbing needs since 2012

DC Mechanical was founded in 2012 with the premise that if clients have a more personal relationship with their contractors, their projects will be completed more efficiently, with higher quality, and lower lifetime costs. DC Mechanical & Maintenance, acquired DC Mechanical located out of Ashburn, Virginia. The acquisition brought DC Mechanical back to its roots of HVAC & Plumbing and most importantly, customer connection. 

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See where DC Mechanical can take you. Contact us today! 

"The acquisition of DC Mechanical fits into our strategy to become a full-service HVAC, plumbing and services company", stated Joel Blockowicz, Sr. 

DC Mechanical has a proven track record of excellent service while the new ownership brings leaders who excel at delivering on complex work. DC Mechanical & Maintenance will continue to look for ways to expand the services it provides and will continue to succeed in providing quality service. 

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