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Believe IN ZERO

It isn’t enough to just keep everyone aware of safety issues. Positive reinforcement is critical, as is recognizing individuals who go the extra mile to ensure safe work environments. The goal of “Believe in Zero” is to send all employees home at the end of the day safe and healthy. Additionally, we offer special job site incentives to recognize teams that have met safety and production criteria.


We are passionate about safety- as a core value of our company, we believe promoting and creating safe workplaces is as important as all the other things we do in bringing projects to completion. Our Experience Modification Rate and our OSHA Incidence Rates are a tribute to the focus we place on safety.



DC Mechanical has “Ensure a safe working environment” as our overall goal and sums up our philosophy:


“Get each employee thinking safety in everyday planning!”

DC Mechanical is a commercial heating/cooling and plumbing contractor severing northern VA, MD, and DC areas. 

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